Registration at EDU-DEX
    • Training suppliers pay:
      • one-off €500 per trade name when providing an XML-feed or €750 per trade name when submitting manual input.    
      • annually per trade name: €1.000
    • ● participation starts on the day of registration and runs the next 12 months
    • ● amounts excl. VAT
    • ● in case of termination, no fees will be refunded
    • ● training providers commit themselves to update their training information at least once per month; and they enable EDU-DEX to provide this information to all customers with an EDU-DEX account
    • ● client specific information (discounts and en in-company information) will only be provided to customers with the explicit approval of the training provider.

      Customers will be able to use EDU-DEX information for free and unlimited; to inform their own employees or third parties.
    • registers his/her organisation with the trade name(s) as mentioned above as participant in Foundation EDU-DEX.

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